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Namalei is

It has always fascinated me to think about the great bond between the human being and the earth, in a perfect union, within which each of us can find all the answers and remedies for a happy and healthy life. The earth, our home, which we often take for granted, provides us with everything we need to cure ourselves, to improve our health, our appearance, our skin, to help us slow down the physiological processes of ageing. An immense library of information that nature makes available to us and that I have been studying with passion and dedication for over 16 years with the aim of creating increasingly high-performance and innovative products. All this is Namalei: NATURE - LOVE - WONDERFULNESS - FRIENDSHIP - FREEDOM - ENTHUSIASM - INNOVATION. The name comes from these seven principles that are the cornerstone of all my cosmetic creations. Namalei speaks of a natural lifestyle, serenity, positive emotions, smiles and happiness, for a concept of harmonious beauty that flies beyond ephemeral perfectionism, resting delicately on our uniqueness.


All Namalei products are formulated by choosing the best raw vegetable materials, wisely mixed together to create the perfect union between green chemistry and nature. All BIOAGRICERT certified formulas are free of ingredients of animal origin, because we are convinced and aware that through plants it is possible to satisfy all the needs of the skin and the well-being of the person, respecting life and its natural balance, for a healthy and clean cosmetics that is not the result of the suffering of our animal friends. Our products are dermatologically tested as well as being free of heavy metals such as Nickel, in order to guarantee maximum safety and quality for every consumer.


To try to amaze you every day, with increasingly high-performance formulas, making you live a sensory experience and well-being that can make you feel in harmony with yourself and nature.